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We’re glad you found us! At Cascade Family Dental, we want to provide you with an excellent dental experience. Our fun, highly trained staff will help you feel at ease during your visits here. We are accepting new patients and invite you to give us a call! 

The entire family is welcome at Cascade Family Dental. We are dedicated to the prevention of dental disease. Through regular check-ups, cleanings, and education, we will help you keep your teeth and smile their healthiest. Even if your smile isn’t it’s healthiest at the moment, we will help restore your teeth to a healthy state!

I switched to this dentist 2 years ago after my old dentist retired. He referred all his clients to Dr. Yoon, and his dental hygienists from that practice also moved to Cascade Family Dental. I've known these hygienists since I was a kid and they both kick butt and are so kind and explain things so nicely. Dr. Yoon is also a super great dentist, always really cheerful and never overcharging me for things. I've gotten a root canal and a few cavities done, and although I need more dental work done, they never pressure me into anything. They have also been very gracious with helping me work out a payment plan. Couldn't be happier with the service and treatment I receive here!!
현미녹차 - Gresham, OR
A great dentist office! They do very well with children and my handicap brother. I highly recommend them to anybody.
Crow M. - Greshman, OR
The whole staff and especially Dr. Yoon are very professional and really care about their patients.
Mary W. - Portland, OR
Dr. Park and her husband were my family dentists ever since I was a little girl. I no longer live in the area but to this day- whenever I get dental checkups while examining my previous fillings the dentist will often comment, "really nice work by your previous dentist!" They also happen to be really kind and lovely people, too. Gresham, you are extremely lucky to have them!
Bean K. - Gresham, CA
They were friendly and professional, they explain to you the process and will answer your questions. Dr. Park appears to be a pro at what she does, and she's got a calming presence for my kid (he likes her). She doesn't mind my husband and me staying and watching the procedure being done to our son at all (some dentists actually won't let parents be in the same room). After the initial check, our son had to be treated at least 3 times. During all those visits, Dr. Park took her time working on his teeth and making sure he's comfortable throughout the whole process. The dental techs were also helpful and kind. They all seem thorough and care about my son's well-being. All in all, it was a good experience for my young son and he definitely doesn't mind going back again next time, now it's time for his parents to go make the appointment with Dr. Park.
Tracy H. - Portland, OR
The staff here are very nice and the work done by both the cleaner, assistant and dentist, in my case Grace Parks DDS, is the best in the area.  Dr. Parks is able to sculpture filling and she removed the bad tissue of the tooth but doesn't drill down into the healthy part of the tooth when making a filling thereby there is little to no pain during the procedures and no discomfort after it is complete.  I would recommend this office without reservation to anyone who is nice to their dentist and the dentist's staff.
DW M. - Beaverton, OR
Dr. Park is different from many of the dentists I've seen over the past 10 years or so in that she is actually there in the room with you. It seems like these days you have to make a separate visit for checkup and cleaning, but not with her. This was the longest a dentist has spent on me in YEARS. She told me a lot of things about my teeth that I didn't know, and I could tell she knew what she was talking about. For example, she looked in my mouth and said, "It looks like you had braces, and they did X and Y and then this happened..." before I had told her any of those things. All in all, this was a great experience and I'm glad to finally have found my dentist.
Bobbi B. - Portland, OR
Dr. Grace Park goes above and beyond for her clients!  I am almost speechless, just got off the phone, I'm about 40 minutes away and remembered I forgot to bring my mom in this morning (mom has Alzheimers') to get her old bridge fitted (or something like that) until her new one is made (a couple more weeks).  The office isn't even open on Fridays normally, and first of all, she was willing to come in just for mom because otherwise, mom wouldn't be able to chew, and they're now closed for a couple of weeks. So! Since I forgot to bring mom in, instead of driving all the way back, and also because Dr. Park is busy with other errands she must run, she has offered to go to the building where mom lives to see mom there.  I'm incredulous and so very thankful.
Julia C. - Gresham, OR
I never am excited about routine dental cleaning or other dental procedures in a dentist office; however, Dr. Park and the dental hygienists that have performed the necessary dental services have helped make this experience better. Previously, my major dental work was done in another state and with the need to switch dentists frequently (insurance or other reasons) I was anxious about finding a new dentist when we moved here. Dr. Park has been very careful to explain procedures and necessary work. I really liked the dental hygienist services yesterday using a water blasting device.
Cherie C. - Gresham, OR
I avoid going to dentists at all costs! I have overly-sensitive teeth, drill anxiety, and embarrassment from neglecting to floss. I was surprised and relieved to have had such a great experience! The dentist and the hygienists were extremely gentle and understanding. They listened to my concerns and did everything they could to make me comfortable. So glad to find a family dentist to help my kids have a good experience too!
Ashli W. - Portland, OR
It was a routine cleaning and check, but it could not have been handled more professionally and competently. A fine job done!
Eleanor P. - Gresham, OR
After three pediatric dentists, I found the one that is just right for my autistic son. We tried other dentists to fill his cavity, one wanted to sedate him, the other wanted to put him in a straight jacket. This dentist worked with him, talked him through it, and she was able to fill the cavity with no tears shed! Today he had a cleaning with two loose baby teeth.... she again worked with him and talked him through it and pulled both loose baby teeth with no crying! Worth the money, and the drive! Thank you for making the dentist a great experience for my son and working with him.
Cynthia T. - Portland, OR

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Both Dr. Park and Dr. Yoon dental degrees from the OHSU School of Dentistry and each have 20+ years of experience.

Dr. Grace E. ParkDMD

Dr. Park completed her undergraduate degree at Loma Linda University and then moved on to complete her dental degree at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. In 1993, after graduating from dental school, she worked together with Dr. Yoon for 23 years.

Dr. Joshua KimDMD

Dr. Kim completed his undergraduate degree at Andrews University and then moved on to completing his dental degree at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. He was very excited about the opportunity to work with Dr. Park. 

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